Reasons to Visit Argentina – A Photo Essay of the Highlights

There are so many reasons to visit Argentina – it’s a country of stunning nature, wonderful food and drink, a very strong heritage and culture, and warm, welcoming people. What’s not to like?

Reasons to visit Argentina

From the infectious energy and beautiful architecture of Buenos Aires with it’s mouth-watering food scene (yes, the steak really is the best in the world) to the jaw-dropping majestic peaks and serene grasslands of Patagonia, it really is a country that has everything.

Reasons to visit Argentina

I was there for just under 3 weeks and even though I saw a lot, there was a whole lot I didn’t see. I spent time in Buenos Aires, the far north (Salta) and the far south (Patagonia) and these three areas are the focus of my photo essay. I would love to go back to see Cordoba, the Lake District and Mendoza. Argentina can be quite expensive  – see How to budget for Argentina for some top tips on saving money.

Reasons to visit Argentina

As well as the fantastic food and drink scene, Buenos Aires has some fabulous street art, particularly in the La Boca area. Salta has some wonderful churches and beautiful architecture.

Reasons to visit Argentina

Trekking from El Chalten to see Mount Fitz Roy was definitely one of the best treks I have ever done, there are many different routes leaving from El Chalten and the scenery is truly stunning. Perito Moreno Glacier was equally stunning – it blew my mind!

Reasons to visit Argentina

For more details of my trip, the following blog posts tell the story of my adventure:

Empanadas and Evita (Buenos Aires)

Hiking in Patagonia

Perito Moreno Glacier

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Salta, Northern Argentina

Back in Buenos Aires

I travelled solo to Buenos Aires and then joined a G Adventures small group tour.

Have you been to Argentina? What were your favourite places or do you have a particular memory that stands out?

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Reasons to visit Argentina

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11 Replies to “Reasons to Visit Argentina – A Photo Essay of the Highlights”

  1. Wonderful photos. We are about to go on vacation down to Latin America in January (our winter their summer) and our main worry is the language.

    We don’t know a word in Spanish, and we are afraid it will destroy our vacation. How bad can it be traveling to Argentina not knowing a word in Spanish? should we take some Spanish lessons before traveling there?

    1. Hi – I’m glad you enjoyed my photos 🙂

      I had 2 months worth of Spanish lessons before I went – I would definitely recommend learning some, even if just the basics from a phrase book. As well as helping me enormously with communication, the Argentinians really appreciated me trying, even if I got it wrong!

      Where in Latin America are you going? I hope you have a wonderful time!


  2. Hey Louise!

    OMG! Those mountains! I love to travel and I always chose mountain destinations and try to run away from the crowded cities.

    I’ve always wanted to go to Patagonia and see the Perito Moreno Glacier and all that wild nature surrounding it.

    Very nice article! I hope you had a blast! 😉


  3. Really enjoyed the stunning pictures of Argentina been fortunate to have travelled a bit to other beautiful places to, thought I had never thought about Argentina one for the bucket list I think, what is the weather like there and are you not long back ?? I think I will see what the costs are like and how long a flight it is from UK , the world has many wonderful places to visit. I really like the multi coloured street gives a kind of carnival feel.

    1. Hi Katie!

      I was there in February so it was their summer – I traversed the country so in the North it was very hot and the south was quite cool, maybe around 12 degrees? I’m from the UK – I think there is a direct flight to Buenos Aires with BA but I flew to Sao Paulo and then changed there to fly to Buenos Aires. I could definitely recommend it, it’s a very varied country 🙂


  4. I love your photos, they really capture the spirit of Argentina. I love that you captured a bit of the culture too and not just the environment. It seems like a country with many different climates and sights. DId you have a favorite city out of all the places you visited?

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      Thanks for your comment. It really is a country with everything. I absolutely loved Buenos Aires, it’s such a lively city, full of culture and energy. Ushuaia fascinated me too, mainly because of it’s status of being the southernmost city in the world!


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