How To Save Money on Holiday – My Best Money Saving Tips!

I have been asked quite a few times now about how to save money on holiday or whilst travelling so I thought I’d put a post together with my best money-saving tips! I’ve included tips on things to do before you go away as well as tips for whilst you are away.

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Money-Saving Tip #1Don’t Buy Water
Take a collapsible water bottle with you. It takes up very little room and will save you buying expensive bottled water. In places where you can’t drink the tap water, fill up from a water fountain.

Money-Saving Tip #2Use a Shuttle Bus from the Airport
Using a shuttle bus is a lot cheaper than a taxi from the airport if you’re not hiring a car and transfer isn’t included – it may take a little longer but is often a fraction of the price. You can often book shuttle buses online prior to your departure, or book when you exit at arrivals. If you would prefer a taxi, try and book one in advance if possible.

Money-Saving Tip #3Travel Overnight
Save money on a night’s accommodation by taking a night flight, getting a night bus or a sleeper train. Even though they may take a little longer or you don’t get the best night’s sleep, think of those extra pennies you will save.

Money-Saving Tip #4Pay as the Locals Do
You are likely to be charged a tourist price for many things inducing loungers and umbrellas on the beach or things you may buy from local stalls and shops. Try and look to see or listen out for how much the locals are paying before you pay for yours.

Money-Saving Tip #5Don’t Buy Guide BooksHow to Save Money on Holiday
Guide books can be great to do your research before you go but they are heavy to carry and are often expensive. You can get the information you need for a fraction of the price (or sometimes for free if they are promoting a particular destination) by printing off the relevant chapters you need as pdfs from the publisher’s website (such as on – which are easy to carry with you too.


Money-Saving Tip #6Go on a Free Walking Tour
Most of the larger cities offer free walking tours that can last anything between 1 and 3 hours. It’s a great way to get your bearings and the guides are usually very informative. You may be expected to give a tip at the end but it’s not usually compulsory.

Money-Saving Tip #7Loyalty Programmes on Accommodation Sites
Some accommodation sites have a loyalty programme, for examples They do a deal where for every 10 nights you book (and stay) you get one free based on an average cost of the nights booked. That’s saved me a lot over the years!

Money-Saving Tip #8A ‘Travel’ Credit Card
By getting yourself a credit card geared towards frequent travel, you can save on commission charges, lousy exchange rates and build up points. The deals change all the time, but the one I currently have charges you at the base exchange rate and there are no extra charges whatsoever for using it to pay or to get cash out (the exception being a charge the local bank may have but this is usually free/low, especially in Europe). Some travel credit cards also enable you to collect air miles thus earning cheaper or free flights.

Money-Saving Tip #9Stay in Hostels
Dorm rooms are incredibly cheap, but if staying in a dorm isn’t your thing a lot of people don’t realise that hostels often have twin, double or even triple rooms as well. These are often a fraction of the price of a hotel and there is a really good choice these days – some of them are as good as or perhaps better than a basic hotel. They often have similar facilities, are usually located very centrally, near to public transport and have a whole host of free activities.

Money-Saving Tip #10 – Take Soap Leaves and a Travel Washing Line
Soap leaves are tiny to pack and are much cheaper than using the washing service in a hotel or a laundrette, especially when staying in a city. Travel washing lines are also a great idea and most come with suckers and/or hooks to use in a bathroom or bedroom.

How to Save Money on HolidayMoney-Saving Tip #11 – Fill Up on Breakfast
If breakfast is included in your hotel, fill up as much as you can! Take some fruit away with you for later too – you may find you only need a snack in the afternoon then, saving you money on lunch.


Money-Saving Tip #12 – Buy Sandwiches at the Airport
If you are flying with a budget airline, you will be aware that they charge a lot for a rather basic meal or snack. Buy a sandwich at the airport (once you are through security) rather than paying double for one on the plane.

Money-Saving Tip #13If you’re under 26, use STA Travel
You can get cheaper flights, tours and accommodation through STA Travel, who have shops worldwide.

Money-Saving Tip #14Buy a Multi-Attraction Pass
Many cities offer multi-attraction passes for a fixed price which always works out much cheaper than buying tickets separately for things – even if you only go to two or three attractions.

Money-Saving Tip #15Pick up a Free Map from your Hotel or Hostel Reception
The maps available at hotels and hostels often have discount vouchers/codes attached to them for local restaurants and bars.

Money-Saving Tip #16Book Flights at the Optimum Time
Six weeks before flying is the optimum time to book flights in terms of getting a bargain – unless its a very popular route or a super-peak time such as school summer holidays, an event/festival etc.

Below are links to the collapsible water bottle, soap leaves and travel washing line I’ve mentioned above – they’ve saved me money and are so easy to pack – I can highly recommend them!


I hope you have found my money-saving tips useful. If you have any more tips you’d like to see included, please let me know by commenting below! Happy travels 🙂

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11 Replies to “How To Save Money on Holiday – My Best Money Saving Tips!”

  1. Hi Louise!

    Filling up on breakfast and buying multi-attraction passes! Way to go!

    My wife and I usually bring our own snacks in the suitcase so that we spare that expense.

    There’s some tips I didn’t know. Very interesting and helpful!

    Thanks for sharing, Louise! It’s always nice to read your posts 🙂

    1. Thanks! Bringing snacks in your suitcase is a good idea too 🙂

      I hope you can implement some of these on your future travels!


  2. Great ideas for how to save on travel. actually saving on one travel generates the next travel, or at least bringing it closer. however one thing I really liked and definitely going to adopt and it is the advice about the travel credit card. I didn’t know that I can save on commission charges and exchange rates.

  3. Great tips Louise. I’ve done a lot of travelling and agree totally with most of these. I’ve done so many free walking tours now and they are fantastic and there is no better way to see a city than by walking. Also I always try and stay in a hostel if I can – they are cheaper, they are usually pretty nice and I’ve made so many great friends from staying in hostels.

    Going to print this article off for my next trip – thank you!

  4. Hi great tips there.

    I especially like the one about attraction passes, we save a bundle using those.

    I think the key to saving money on any holiday is doing your research. too many people just turn up and expect to get the best deals there. knowing exactly what to expect is always the best way to travel.

    You don’t need to completely remove spontaneity, or have a 20 page itinerary, but just knowing your options gives you the best trip.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Yes, I completely agree. Do as much research as you can before going away and then you can make the best decisions.

      Thanks for your comments 🙂


  5. Great tips!!! Usually on holidays we have spent more money than expected. I totally agree with your first recommendation of carrying water bottles. We always forget to take water bottle and end up in buying expensive water. Also your breakfast tip is a great way to save money.
    I enjoyed reading your article and thanks for sharing these awesome tips….

  6. These are great recommendations!

    I am from the states, but my sister in law lives in Whitley Bay near Newcastle, and we’ve wanted to fly over and visit for a while.

    STA travel deals especially caught my eye. I’m trying to get better at finding cheap flights.

    It also occurred to me, this blog that you have with affiliate links is also probably a great way to still make money while you travel! How did you get started with this? Is there anything you’d recommend for starting a blog like this?


    1. Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for your comments – it is indeed a great thing to do whilst I travel. It actually started as a hobby and a way to keep my family and friends updated whilst I was away but then it grew and turned into something a bit more! I got started through Wealthy Affiliate – it’s a great programme with loads of information, a great community and superb training. And best of all it’s free to sign up! Check out my my profile page if you’d like to find out more about how I got started and more information on Wealthy Affiliate generally 🙂


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